Coronavirus information - Luleå Public Library (Updated 19 jan)

On Monday the 25th of January all the libraries will open with restrictions.

Short visits

The libraries are only open for quick, important and well-prepared errands. We encourage you to not stay longer than necessary during your visit (max 15 minutes). We primarily urge you to use the libraries digital services. The 15 minutes time limit also applies for using the library computers.

The restrictions also apply during Self-Service hours (meröppet), for the libraries that offer this service.

Overdue fines on books have been removed and five renewals can be made, but only if the book is not on hold. During the month of January we have increased the number of e-loans to four per calendar month.

You can find our opening hours on the library website,

Contact information

Stadsbiblioteket 0920-45 59 51 or e-mail
Björkskatans bibliotek 0920-45 33 06 or e-mail
Gammelstads bibliotek 0920-45 40 75 or e-mail
Hertsöns bibliotek 0920-45 38 72 or e-mail
Råneå bibliotek 0924-575 62 or e-mail
Porsöns barnbibliotek e-mail
Bergnäsets barn- och ungdomsbibliotek e-mail
Bokbussarna 070-370 07 57 (public bus), 072-230 55 62 (children and youth bus) or e-mail

We are all an important part of society

It is everyone’s responsibility to prevent the spread of covid-19. Keep your distance from others and wash your hands, it can save lives.
Just like the rest of Luleå kommun we will follow the recommendations and regulations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden. You can find the latest information on