Terms and conditions

Processing of personal data, and terms and rules for borrowing and returning books and other library items.


Loan terms and rules

Library card

To obtain a library card, you must show an approved photo ID and agree that the library may register your name, social security number, address and telephone number in their loan register.
Children and young persons, between the age of 0 and 18, will receive a library card if their parents/guardians agree to the library card application by signing a library card contract.
Information about your current loans and reservations is recorded in the library's computer system.
This means that information covered by the Public Access to Information and Confidentiality Act is available to library staff at all public libraries in Norrbotten. Library staff are bound by professional secrecy, according to Chapter 40, §3, Public Access to Privacy Act. Information or documents are not disclosed.
The library card comes with a PIN. That means that you can borrow and reserve books etc. via our on-line platform Bibblo.se, borrow media on our lending machines and use our digital services.
By signing the library card, you agree to our loan rules.
In the event of repeated serious breaches of the loan rules, the right to borrow and other library services may be restricted for a certain period of time, a maximum of 1 year.
Report to the library immediately if you lose your library card.

Responsibility for loans

• The library card is a personal document of value. This means that you are responsible for books and other materials borrowed on the card.
• Guardians are responsible for children’s and young people’s loans.
• If someone else uses your card to borrow from the library, and does not return the borrowed books/items, you may be liable for compensating the library.
• A new card is obtained for a special fee.

Processing of personal data

When applying for a library card, you agree that your name, social security number, address, telephone number and email address are registered and stored in our library data system. We also record loans, reservations and return dates. Details of the loans will be deleted upon return.
We need the personal data in order to make it possible for you to borrow and reserve books. The libraries in Norrbotten do not disclose your information.
“The libraries in Norrbotten” is a cooperation between public libraries in all 14 municipalities: Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, Boden, Gällivare, Haparanda, Jokkmokk, Kalix, Kiruna, Luleå, Pajala, Piteå, Älvsbyn, Överkalix and Övertorneå.

Loan period

The loan period is typically four weeks. Some material is lent only for a shorter period. The due date for return is shown on the loan receipt.  Returns can be made at any public library in the county. You can request a return receipt on your returned loans. Ask the staff for this before returning the borrowed books/items or get a receipt when you return via the self-return machine.
You cannot return books to us if they are borrowed from libraries that are not part of the Norrbotten county cooperation.


If you need to keep the books/items for a longer period, you can ask for a renewal of the loan. You must ask for a renewal before the end of the first loan period. You can extend the loan period at the library, or by logging in to Bibblo.se.
The library can allow you to renew a loan twice. You cannot renew quick loans, rental films or any items that have been reserved by someone else.


You can make up to 3 e-loans per calendar month. E-loans are e-books and/or e-audio books. This also includes loans via the Biblio app.


You can reserve books and other media. You will be notified when the reserved material is available.
Reference materials and some other media, such as quick loans, cannot be reserved.
Books, audio books, language courses, fact DVDs, fact CDs and microfilmed newspapers can be reserved from any public library within the Norrbotten cooperation, no matter where in the county you live.

Overdue loans and fees

Reminders about overdue loans are sent out approximately 14 days after the due date.
• The library charges a fee for books and other materials submitted after the return date. The return date is stated in the loan receipt. The fee shall, if possible, be paid at the time of return. Otherwise, the loan account will be charged.
• No overtime fees are charged by children and young people 0-18 years of age.
• There is no overtime fee for media for children and young people (below the age of 18), nor for talking books.
• No overtime fee is charged for ‘The Book Comes To You’ or Talking book borrowers.
If the total debt is SEK 100 or more, you will not be able to use the library’s services until the debt is less than SEK 100. The debt can be paid at any of our public libraries in Norrbotten.
If the borrowed material is not returned, the library will send an invoice for replacing the items. Your library card will be blocked until the bill is paid or the loans are returned. The overdue fee remains.
Bills that have not been paid within the prescribed time will be submitted to debt collection.

Overdue alert

You can receive a so-called overdue alert via SMS or e-mail. This means you will receive a notification that the loan period will expire in a few days. Talk to your library about this service. Even if the overdue alert does not reach you, you are always responsible for the loans being returned on time.

Compensation for destroyed or lost media

• Guardians are responsible for the compensation of their children’s lost or destroyed media.
• In some cases, you can replace lost or damaged loans. Contact your library for further information.
• Compensation paid for lost books/media will not be refunded if the book/medium is found. Exceptions may be made if the book is particularly important to the library and difficult to replace.
In the event of death, it may take a while for the library system to receive information from the Swedish Tax Agency. For this reason, demands may be sent to the estate.


• Overdue fees: SEK 1 per book per day after due date.
• Maximum amount per return:  SEK 100.
• Replacement library card: SEK 20.
• Interlibrary loan fee: Book SEK 20.
• Copy of article: SEK 50.
• Loans from non-Norse countries:  SEK 150.
Books or other media not returned or damaged:
adult book SEK 300, children’s book SEK 200, audio-book adult SEK 300, audio-book children SEK 200, language course SEK 500, microfilmed newspapers SEK 500, small prints, booklets SEK 50, fact DVD SEK 300, fact CD adult SEK 300, fact CD children SEK 200.
Local fees may apply for other items.

Processing of personal data

You have the right to ask for an extract of the information we have stored, that relates to you. You also have the right to ask for the data relating to you to be deleted, provided that your library loans are returned, and any debts settled, but in that case you will no longer be able to use our services. 
If you want an extract of your data or if you wish to have all your data deleted, a written request must be submitted to the Data Protection Officer of your municipality. Contact information for data protection officers can be found on your municipality’s website. The municipality has 30 days to carry out the request. 
Information about returned loans is saved for 7 days in order to contact you about, for example, missing material. Until the age of 18, guardians are responsible for their children’s loans and personal data. From the day you turn 18, you are responsible for your loans. You need to re-read our loan rules and get a new library card for adults.

What personal data do we process?

When you register as a borrower on the website of the Libraries in Norrbotten, you give your consent that we save the following information about you: name, address, social security number (or equivalent), telephone number and e-mail address.
The personal data is updated via Navet (the Swedish Tax Authority), with the exception of e-mail and telephone numbers.
Your library card number, PIN (encrypted), password (encrypted), user name, home library and library system internal and external borrower ID are also saved. If applicable, we also store information about the default collection point, unit/school, class, book bus tour number, libraries with extended open hours (“meröppet”), guardian and who you are the contact person/guardian for. If you have created your own memory lists, tagged, discussed, reviewed or rated works on Bibblo.se, this information is also saved.

How long will your data be stored?

The libraries will save your personal data for as long as there is an ongoing user connection.
The libraries take various security measures to protect your personal data. 
Information about individuals’ library loans, reservations and use of information technology in the library is covered by the Public Access to Information and Confidentiality Act, Chapter 40 § 3.  This means that confidentiality applies to these issues. The library staff are thus bound by professional secrecy.
Details of your loans will be deleted when you return them, unless you have requested that they be saved.
Your data will be deleted if you have been inactive for more than 3 years. 
If you sign up for an activity, the library can save your information while the activity is planned and carried out, after which the information is deleted.

Who do we share the personal data with?

For the Libraries in Norrbotten to be able to deliver digital services, agreements with external system suppliers have been signed. The libraries have signed personal data processing agreements with these providers to ensure that they handle your personal data securely. In some services, your personal data is shared with a non-EU country, a so-called "third country".  For example, personal data is shared with the United States when you use the Cineasterna film service or the Pressreader newspaper service.
The guardian’s information may be stored in the library system even if he/she does not have his or her own library card. In that case, the information is linked to the child for which the guardian has signed a library card agreement. 
If media is lost or destroyed, the library will send a billing document to the municipal finance unit to send an invoice. Certain personal data will be stored there. Copies are made of the billing, cancellation and refund documents. These copies are stored at the library for a while in order to be able to follow up on cases.

On our website

Library card holders can log in to our website.
Information about your loans can be found on My Pages. This information is not available to library staff.
As a user, you can, for example, submit purchase suggestions and rate books.  This information is also stored in the system.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

1.1 By registering, the User gives their consent that the library stores and uses the User's personal data.  The information will not be disclosed to third parties unless the library is required by law to do so.
1.2 The User has the right to access their personal data registered with the library. In order to disclose information, the GDPR requires the User to submit a signed request to the library.
1.3 If the data recorded is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, the User has the right to request that the data be corrected or deleted.

Questions about the processing of personal data

Contact your library, data protection officer or other person responsible for handling personal data in the municipalities, if you have questions about how we process personal data. You can find contact information for data protection officers or other responsible persons on your municipality's website.