In Five Years

A great love story with a twist

Dannie Kohan is a successful lawyer in Manhattan. She has everything under control, and she has a five-year plan for her life. Everything is going her way.  

On the 15th of December she has a fantastic interview for her dream job and that night her boyfriend David proposes over dinner. They celebrate and drink a little too much wine. When she wakes up she does not know where she is and she has a ring on her finger she does not recognise. On the television the date is the same, but she is five years in the future. There is also a strange man there who makes her dinner and kisses her. 

Great movie

On the 16th she wakes up with a hangover in her apartment with her fiancé David and she does not know what to think about her dream of the future. 

The story jumps forward four and a half years and we meet Dannie again when she is going to dinner with her fiancé David, her best friend Bella and Bella's new boyfriend Greg. Dannie cannot believe her eyes because Greg, her best friends' new boyfriend, is the mystery man she saw and kissed in her dream almost five years earlier. What should she do? 

This is an entertaining read and the story does not evolve like you expect it to. I like it when a story can surprise you. I think it would make a great movie.  

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