“It’s the hope that’ll kill you.”

Seventeen year old Joe have not seen his brother Ed in ten years. Ed is in prison on death row and his execution date has been set. Joe travels down to Texas alone to visit him. This could be the brothers last chance to spend some time together. Even if it is just one hour a day.     

This is an intense, gripping story about grief, forgiveness and saying goodbye. 

Fler tips från Julia

  1. Vi har alltid bott på slottet

    By: Jackson, Shirley Review by: Julia Åhl Kunto

    Familjemiddag, en dos arsenik i sockerskålen och en opålitlig berättare. Vad var det egentligen som hände den där dagen när nästan hela familjen på slottet dog?

  2. Fates and Furies

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    An Intense, gripping story about two complex characters and their lives and marriage.

  3. Red, White and Royal Blue

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    A romantic, fun and smart read I could not put down.

  4. Regnvakt

    By: Rosnay, Tatiana de Review by: Julia Åhl Kunto

    “Den här Parisresan verkade ha rivit upp allt inom honom, strött salt i gamla sår och orsakat nya.”

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Review by: Julia Åhl Kunto Monday, March 18, 2019