The Future Is Now – Rules

Here are the rules for the writing contest The Future Is Now. The writing contest is open to those of you in high school (högstadiet) and senior high school (gymnasiet).

You write your text based on the theme The Future Is Now. The entry should preferably have a contemporary connection and/or a certain amount of credibility. The future isn't in 200 years. It is among us and something we can see right now or within the immediate future. You can choose whichever genre you want (short story, poem, rhyme etc.)

You can write in Swedish, English, Finnish, Meänkieli, Lule Sámi and Northern Sámi. The text cannot go above 15 000 characters including spaces. There is no minimum length. You can only participate with one entry per person. If your write poems, you can send in a collection of poems within the maximum number of characters.

Send in your entry via between the 28th of October and the 10th of November.

The contest is divided into two age groups: high school and senior high school. Winners will be chosen in both age groups as long as there are enough entries, otherwise they will be combined. Depending on the number of participants, there will be between one and three winners in each group. The winners will be chosen by a jury consisting of a writer and two library staff members, and will be announced on the 2nd of December here on

Use alias?

The winners will be published on and when you submit your entry, you automatically agree to have your text published. We reserve the right to format the text to make it appropriate for publishing. We will not correct spelling or edit the content of the text. If your entry is in a different language than Swedish, it will be translated to Swedish and the translation will be published together with your original text. No texts with offensive content will be published.

We will publish your text, your alias or first name and the first letter in your last name, and your city of residence. If you win and your text is published, it will be on our website until June 2020.


If you want to have your text deleted, contact us at

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