Fates and Furies

An Intense, gripping story about two complex characters and their lives and marriage.

We follow Lancelot and Mathilde from when they meet and marry, back to their childhoods and during their 24-year marriage. Their seemingly happy marriage is the envy of all their friends. 

But there are always two sides to a story and sometimes what you don’t share is more important than what you do. 

It’s a story with many layers. A story of love, creativity and power. I really liked it.

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  1. Five Feet Apart

    Av: Lippincott, Rachael Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    “Can you love someone you can never touch.”

  2. Den som lever stilla

    Av: Skov, Leonora Christina Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    En stark skildring om saknad och sökande efter moderskärlek.

  3. Red, White and Royal Blue

    Av: McQuiston, Casey Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    A romantic, fun and smart read I could not put down.

  4. Paris. Kärlek. Ost.

    Av: Brownlee, Victoria Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    Charmig feelgood med massor av ost.

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Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto den 13 februari 2019