Five Feet Apart

“Can you love someone you can never touch.”

A lot can happen in two weeks. Stella Grant and Will Newman meet and are drawn to each other when they are both in hospital for their cystic fibrosis. To stay safe and not put their health and life on the line they must always stay six feet apart. But maybe they can steal back a bit and only stay five feet apart. 

Grief and friendship

Stella is the perfect patient. She wants to have control and stays on top of her medical treatment and she really needs a lung transplant. Will does not want to be in hospital. He cannot wait for his 18th birthday in two weeks so he can unplug the machines and get control over his own life. When Stella and Will meet sparks fly. 

Five feet apart is a love story but also a story about grief and friendshipThe novel is based on a screenplay with the same name. The film premiered in 2019.   

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