Red, White and Royal Blue

A romantic, fun and smart read I could not put down.

Alex and Henry do not get along. Alex is the son of the first female president of the United states of America. Henry is the prince of Wales. After an altercation between them at a wedding spreads to the press a plan is forged at government level to trick the world that they are friends. All to protect the relationship between the USA and Britain.  

Fake relationship

But what starts as a fake relationship grows and deepen and soon Alex and Henry are in a secret romantic relationship. A romance that could derail a presidential campaign and bring change to the stuffy British royal family. 

This is a love story, but it is also a story of finding courage to be the person you are meant to be. The main characters are beautifully developed, and the story has good pace. I really enjoyed reading this and can’t recommend it enough. 

Fler tips från Julia

  1. Kartongslottet

    Tips Av: Webster, Allayne L Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    En gripande berättelse som tar tag i hjärtat om mod, vänskap och överlevnad. Om medmänsklighet och vikten av drömmar.

  2. Vinternoveller

    Tips Av: Rishøi, Ingvild H Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    “Tredje gången du hamnar under ytan drunknar du.”

  3. Den som lever stilla

    Tips Av: Skov, Leonora Christina Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    En stark skildring om saknad och sökande efter moderskärlek.

  4. Regnvakt

    Tips Av: Rosnay, Tatiana de Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    “Den här Parisresan verkade ha rivit upp allt inom honom, strött salt i gamla sår och orsakat nya.”

  5. Wilde Like Me

    Tips Av: Pentland, Louise Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    A fun and heartfelt feelgood about finding courage to live your best life.

  6. Huset Longbourn

    Tips Av: Baker, Jo Tipsat av: Julia Åhl Kunto

    “Om Elizabeth hade fått tvätta sina egna underkjolar, tänkte Sarah ofta, skulle hon vara betydligt mer rädd om dem."