The house in the Cerulean Sea

A modern fairy tale with heart.

 Linus Baker is a case worker in the Department in Charge of Magical Youth. He wants the best for the children in the homes he inspects, and he wants to believe in the rigid system he works in. He follows all the rules and regulations to the letter Living alone with his cat his days are almost always the same. He gives all his energy to his job and so he spends most of his evenings listening to old records. 

Top secret

Linus is given a top-secret assignment by Extremely Upper Management to inspect an orphanage located on a remote island. Six magical children live there with a mysterious caretaker who runs the home after his own methods. Linus must determine if it is too dangerous to keep open and if the children will bring about the end of days.  

The orphanage is nothing like what Linus expected and Arthur Parnassus, the master of the orphanage, is a charismatic man willing to do anything to keep the children safe.  

I am glad I picked it up

The book cover is what first drew me to the novel, and I am glad I picked it up. I really enjoyed reading this story about finding love, courage and a family. A place to belong where you are accepted for who you are. Linus Bakers life really goes from black and white to colour when he finds an unexpected place to belong.



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Review by: Julia Åhl Kunto Wednesday, December 16, 2020