The Magic Misfits

A feelgood story about magic, friendship and belonging.

Carter Locke is alone when arrives to the town of Mystic Wells by train. He is escaping his uncle, a thief, who wanted him to steal for a living. 

There is a carnival in town and amongst all the fun and games there is also dirty tricks and thievery. Carter has fast hands and can do a lot of magic tricks. He stumbles across the carnival and meets a mysterious man who tries to convince him that magic is real. Carter also meets the scary owner of the carnival who offers him a job he doesnt want to take.  

Instructions for magic tricks

He is out of money and soon he is out of options. He does not want to steal. But maybe magic is real. Carter finds his first ever friends and they must work together to save the town. 

Bonus: In the book there is also instructions for magic tricks. One of them is how to read another person’s mind. Maybe I will try it. 

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