Where the Crawdads Sing

A mysterious death, an abandoned child and the wild, beautiful and harsh marshland are some of the ingredients of this gripping novel.

Kya Clark grows up mostly alone. She is abandoned by her immediate family and she lives in the marsh away from the nearest town. She has a profound bond to nature, but she longs for human connections. Two young men from town find her beautiful and intriguing and Kya opens herself up for a new life. But then something unexpected happens. 

I really liked this story of a strong intelligent girl basically raising herself and doing the best that she can. The search for companionship against the backdrop of wilderness draws you in. The marsh is present in everything and feels like one of the main characters. It really comes alive on the page. In conclusion a great read with an little twist at the end. 

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Review by: Julia Åhl Kunto Friday, October 18, 2019