Wilde Like Me

A fun and heartfelt feelgood about finding courage to live your best life.

Robin Wilde is a single mother. She is a great mother, has a fantastic job as a makeup artist and has a close relationship with family and friends. But she feels lonely and grey and that everyone is silently judging her. After four years as a single woman Robin realises it is time to do something. To challenge the great emptiness she feels and change her life.  

Robin downloads a dating app and goes on her first date in years. At work she takes on more challenges. She stops caring about what the other mothers at her daughter's school thinks about her.  Robin feels liberated. A big opportunity comes her way, but will she have the courage to take it? 

It’s an entertaining story with charming characters. A real page-turner. 

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Review by: Julia Åhl Kunto Wednesday, November 13, 2019